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Kinsman™ Jukebox
    The introduction of the jukebox sparked a mini-revolution: amid the vinyl seats and fine aromas of every 50s neighborhood malt shop were boys and girls taking control of their musical destinies for the first time, freed from the chains of radio advertising and the chatter of DJs. Recapture that rush of excitement and take yourself back to an age of innocence, when cool summer breezes and request after rockin’ request filled the air of the main drag, creating a new set of fond memories along the way. • Warm, rich sound - play your favorite rock’n’roll songs the way they were meant to be heard • Plays CDs (inc. MP3/CD-RW), FM radio, MP3s from USB & SD drives, with AUX input to connect any smartphone or MP3 player (with USB charging support) • Classic design inspired by the timeless style of 1950s jukeboxes • Customizable, remote controlled ambient lights
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Signature™ Retro HiFi Stereo System
    Unbelievable Sound The Signature™ Retro Music System delivers such a rich sound that you’ll have to hear it to believe it. Inside each unit are perfectly tuned acoustic speaker chambers that enhance the sound quality of your music. You’ll experience optimal clarity and range. With the natural sound of vinyl, and four high-performance speakers, you’ll hear new details that you’ve never heard before. Top-Notch Craftsmanship and Design This antique style embodies the designs of the past 100 years of Electrohome®. Each unit is made with real wood and has a rich walnut finish. Fine details like the amber lighting on the tuning dial and antiqued patina faceplate personifies a truly vintage system. The Complete System Most people have music that lives in more than one place. You have CDs, vinyl, and MP3s on multiple devices. The Electrohome® Signature™ Retro Music System has a CD player, AM/FM radio, USB drive for playing MP3s, an auxiliary input for any music playing device including smartphones. And of course, a vinyl turntable that will play any format including 12” LPs, 45s, and 78s. Record Vinyl to MP3 - Easily If you’re a huge fan of vinyl records, or casually buy them from time to time and want to bring that music to other devices, Electrohome® has made it incredibly easy. This system has a built-in MP3 encoder that will record your MP3’s to any USB storage device without the use of a computer.
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Wellington™ Retro Music System
    Combine the charm of yesterday with the technology of today with a classic design from Electrohome. You can play your entire collection of vinyl records, CD-R/RW, MP3s on USB and even tune in to AM/FM radio. In addition to all of the listening options, enjoy the freedom of converting your vinyl and CD collection to USB so you can take your favorite music everywhere you go.
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Winston™ Retro Music System
    Enjoy an amazing audio journey with a classic design from Electrohome's 100+ years of history. Made with real wood, you can play your entire collection of vinyl records, CDs, and even tune in to AM and FM radio.
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Archer™ Turntable Stereo System
    Backed by over 100 years of manufacturing high-quality audio products, Electrohome® is pleased to introduce the Archer™ Turntable Stereo System: a fully automatic turntable with built-in speakers housed in a 60s-style suitcase that seamlessly blends vintage charm with twenty-first century convenience. As phonographic technology evolved into the Swinging 60s, so too did the ability for young people to bring their music out into the world for the first time (without the pain of having to hand-crank a pesky motor). Now you too can enjoy that feeling of independence and effortlessly bring the unique warmth of a vinyl LP with you anywhere there’s a power outlet – visiting with friends, working in the garage, or relaxing on your back porch – without sacrificing the audio quality of your favorite music.
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Turntable Needle
    • Compatible with EANOS300/501/502/700 Retro Systems • Made of high-grade ABS plastic for increased durability • Aluminum shaft of needle attached with a rubber boot - provides increased audio performance and reliability under the harshest of conditions • Plays 3 Speeds - 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records • Fast setup - easy snap technology allows for installation in seconds
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